Friday, March 17, 2017

Kitchen organization ideas on a budget for small kitchens

Stow Tools Efficiently

Stow tools that are crucial together within easy reach of your cooking area for efficient food prep.

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets - Storage Tips for Cabinets

Think Double-Duty

For no-fuss buffet service, present to guests in mugs or small pitchers.

24 Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen | Real Simple

Try a Retractable Book Stand

A recipe is kept by a retractable book stand at eye level while you're working, then folds back under a cupboard when you are done.

Install Shelf Organizers

Slipping shelf organizers make frequently used equipment simple to access.

File Plastic Containers

“File” plastic containers as well as their tops in orderly zones within the exact same drawer to keep them readily locatable.

Stash Items Over-the-Door

Stash pantry items in the see through pockets of an over-the-door organizer to essentially remove investigation time.

Consider See-Through Storage

Make it a snap for kids to grab bites on the go with see through wire baskets.

Light it Right

Even under -the-cabinets space can be well used, whether for lighting, an appliance, or, in this instance, a dish-towl stick.



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