Friday, March 17, 2017

Ideas for storage in small kitchens

Hang Mugs From Hooks

Designer Kim Lewis replicated a potting bench set-up for a pint size kitchen. The copper-pipe shelving holds hooks for coffee cups and cookware, keeping the countertop free for genuine cooking.

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Contain Everything

Don't discount the power of a container system that is great. This blogger keep everything in the right container — to metal cans for materials from clear plastic for her flours and pastas.

Repurpose Office Supplies

Excessive office organizers are perfect for keeping cleaning equipment and plants that are little, particularly next to the sink.

Store With an Old Door

You don't need the worry of installing a pegboard to have a place to hang your favourite kitchen equipment: A slatted wooden door is the perfect spot.

Store Cutting Boards in a Basket

This genius tip comes from the inimitable Ina Garten: When she updated her East Hampton country kitchen (our 2009 Kitchen of the Year), she used a wicker basket to corral all her cutting boards.

Add a Crockery Drawer

"Crockery drawers mean you're not on your toes, striving to reach a pile of heavy china," Julie Stevenson says of her sleek, streamlined kitchen designed by Alexander Adducci in Lake Bluff, Illinois. The drawers are outfitted with movable pegs in order that it's simple to accommodate various size dishes.

Upcycle Wooden Boxes

Old wooden Champagne cases are the ideal size for keeping small kitchen accessories like tea like tea. Add a vibrant wallpaper or gift wrap to the rear for an easy pop of cheer.

Add Cabinets Above the Window

Let light in and store unused gadgets in tiny row of cupboards.


Create a Cleaning Corner

Keeping your kitchen clean is simpler in case materials and your favourite sprays are always on-hand, like in this DIY conduit solution.

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