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TOP 10 - 2017 Kitchen ideas design

Save Money With a Look-Alike

Countertops continue to define the style of a kitchen — but they do not have to be a budget-buster. This granite look alike from Wilsonart is really laminate but unlike preceding laminate countertops features a realistic, bigger rock pattern and curved edge for a high-end granite look at a fraction of the price.

Gray is the New White

Wondering what colour to paint your cabinets? The leading manufacturers of the kitchen industry say that while white cupboards continue to be tops, gray is the shade they're betting on to break white's top area. This kitchen with richly stained wood showcasing still another kitchen trend — mixing cupboard colours by Wellborn couple soft gray cupboards is a fashionable look that is holding strong.

Contemporary Combo

Architectors and designers chose the finishes in this open kitchen to organize with the existing tile floor. The Poggenpohl cabinetry in Curit (a warm reddish brown), Titan Gray and Light Yellow makes a cozy combination. Plus, using level-front wood veneer cabinets such as these along with a traditional wood-board table gives a contemporary vibe to this midcentury home.

Add In Automation

The kitchen of the future is here today. From sensor-activated lights that illuminate the kitchen only when it's in use when dinner is done to meat thermometers that alarm your smartphone, kitchen technology is here to make your life easier. If you are new to automation, a superb opening product is a hands free faucet, like this one by Moen. Perfect for homes with little children who can't yet achieve any kitchen or the handle where busy cooks often have sticky hands.

Classic Black and White Palette

As styles evolve the appearance may change, but the appeal of a black and white kitchen never dies. It's all around high contrast — this layout from IKEA juxtaposes white lacquer cabinets (from IKEA's LIDINGĂ– line) and Absolute Black granite countertops, but nonetheless, it also gains from the tension between state and modern. Warm rustic hardwood floorings are an effective counterpoint to slick cabinet materials.

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Choose Bold Fixtures

Bold color isn't the only way to create excitement. Kitchen designers used these outsize light fixtures with black cloth colors from Tech Lighting to add some wow: "They Are about 2 feet in diameter and are marginally bigger than you'd expect for the space," she says. "But they give a great sense of depth perception and create drama in a room with a typical low ceiling." The luxury cabinets are Poggenpohl's Marsh Oak Veneer with a rich near-black blot.

Marry the Kitchen to Your Home's Style

"Gone are the times when kitchens were just kitchens — now they are so pretty they could be any room of the house, says designer Jo Ann Alston of her French Normandy-style design. Jo Ann incorporated the appliances for mixed light fixtures with different styles and finishes and a seamless look to provide the look of having been acquired over time rather than bought all at once. The mixed grey and brownish tones in the Chinese slate and oak flooring complement the Jerusalem gold limestone countertop in the isle, offering a rich appearance that never strays far from a neutral color midpoint.

Mix Countertop Materials

In case you're in the market for a fashion-forward laminate, granite, quartz and countertop are your only options. Wood countertops are coming on strong. This kitchen by EnGrain and cool Calacatta marble for the best of both worlds combine the warmth of wood.

Kitchen organization ideas on a budget for small kitchens

Stow Tools Efficiently

Stow tools that are crucial together within easy reach of your cooking area for efficient food prep.

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Think Double-Duty

For no-fuss buffet service, present to guests in mugs or small pitchers.

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Try a Retractable Book Stand

A recipe is kept by a retractable book stand at eye level while you're working, then folds back under a cupboard when you are done.

Install Shelf Organizers

Slipping shelf organizers make frequently used equipment simple to access.

File Plastic Containers

“File” plastic containers as well as their tops in orderly zones within the exact same drawer to keep them readily locatable.

Stash Items Over-the-Door

Stash pantry items in the see through pockets of an over-the-door organizer to essentially remove investigation time.

Consider See-Through Storage

Make it a snap for kids to grab bites on the go with see through wire baskets.

Light it Right

Even under -the-cabinets space can be well used, whether for lighting, an appliance, or, in this instance, a dish-towl stick.



Ideas for storage in small kitchens

Hang Mugs From Hooks

Designer Kim Lewis replicated a potting bench set-up for a pint size kitchen. The copper-pipe shelving holds hooks for coffee cups and cookware, keeping the countertop free for genuine cooking.

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Above kitchen cabinets decoration ideas for any kitchen

Perhaps you have wondered what to do with that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets? We've amassed 5 clever options for trendy storage and easy decor.

Green Thumb

Add life to your kitchen by placing a number of potted plants above the cupboards. And if the cabinets are excessively high to water the plants, even fake varieties can provide a feeling of health and happiness to the home.